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Make your HRMS app self-serve like never before.

Boost product adoption with personalised onboarding experience

Improve conversion by minimising time to value (TTV)

Unlock upsell & cross-sell opportunities and access untapped revenue

Retain users by accelerating product velocity and enhance feature discovery

Break into the league of new-gen,
forward-thinking HRMS companies


These & other most-loved HRMS companies have command palette for a top-notch user experience.


Transform your users into power users with in-app navigation powered by our universal search bar.

Blazing fast universal search command palette

Empowers users to effortlessly search and navigate your app

Data search addition capabilities

Fuzzy search to handle typos and suggest

Highly configurable to cater to your unique needs


Empower your users with an intuitive In-App Help Center for seamless guidance and support. Improve user satisfaction and deflect support tickets.

Provide instant help and guidance within your app

Offer all the help within the app - right where the user needs.

Contextual Help to deliver targeted assistance

Customize Help Center to match your branding.

Enable users to find answers and resolve issues independently


Dynamic Bar is a groundbreaking feature designed to transform the way users interact with your app. This innovative tool allows users to effortlessly access and manage key functions, alerts, and content while optimising the full user experience.

Non-intrusive User-Centric Design

Dynamic Bar adapts to ensure a clean, unobtrusive experience

Communicate & engage with users in-app.

Unlock the full potential with third-party apps integration.

Tailor Dynamic Bar to your app's unique requirements.


Drive users to their “aha” moment faster

Build beautiful, on-brand app experiences

Increase user activation with tailored onboarding

Personalize the complete user journey

Highlight key features and benefits.

Gather valuable insights and feedback from users


Understand how users engage with your product and make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

Gain a deep understanding of how users interact with your product

Communicate and show relevant experiences based on who users are and what they did

Identify areas for improvement and implement changes that resonate with users

Improve NPS. Collect feedback. Gather deep insights.

Unlock untapped revenue opportunities

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Everything you need

To make your HRMS app self serve like never before


In-app copilot

Elevate in-app user journey with our intuitive copilot. Empower Your Users to Self-Serve Like Never Before.

Universal search.png

Universal search

Your users discover anything & everything instantly with our powerful universal search, making navigation & help search a breeze.

Seamless navigation.png

Seamless navigation

Users navigate your app effortlessly. No more stumbling, just smooth user journeys.

In-app help center.png

In-app help center

Support at your fingertips. Empower users with immediate & contextual assistance and deflect low-value support tickets.

In-app communication.png

In-app communication

Stay connected with your users. Foster meaningful interactions within your app.

Dynamic bar.png

Dynamic bar

Adaptive and ever-ready. A versatile tool for beautiful and dynamic user experiences.

Easy Installation.png

Easy installation

Get started in minutes. No hassle, just quick setup

Design beautiful experiences.png

Design beautiful experiences

Crafting user delight, one pixel at a time. Elevate aesthetics and user satisfaction



Reach the right audience. Precision in user engagement.



Data-driven insights for smarter decisions. Understand, adapt, and thrive.



Seamless connections for a unified experience. Effortless synergy.

Light weight & easy to use.png

Light weight &

easy to use

Efficiency meets user-friendliness. A winning combination.

Increase user activation.png

Increase user activation

Turn users into engaged enthusiasts. Maximize user participation.

Improve product adoption.png

Improve product

Elevate your user experience. Boost product engagement and loyalty.

Boost retention.png

Boost retention

Keeping users coming back for more. Elevate user loyalty with your strategies and our tools.

Increase ROI.png

Increase ROI

Invest wisely, reap the rewards. Maximize returns on your investments by unlocking untapped revenue opportunities.

shimmer 3-01.png


Sync all your knowledge base documents, support videos, or enable users to create a support ticket directly from beacon.

Peerless developer experience

Take full advantage of our SDK for a deeper integration — create function callback commands, listen to user events & more. We natively support all the popular JS frameworks.

  • What is is a SaaS platform that provides a command palette as a service. Our core features are easy integration, AI summarised help answers to reduce support costs, context-aware action suggestions to boost feature adoption & elevate user experience, complete customisation to match your app, fuzzy search, and analytics to discover new opportunities.
  • Why should I use if my team can build it internally?
    Well, we thought so too. However, when we tried building it for a project, we realised it's super hard to make it work - even with an existing open-source library. Too much framework version dependency, minimal features or customisation, and way too much developer dependency initially and every time we wanted to make a small change - and this frustrating experience led us to build We believe our meticulous focus on building a top-notch command palette - from design, ease-of-use, extensibility, customisation, AI models, and overall experience - will make your app feel world-class from day one. If you are uncertain about choosing between "build vs buy", we would be happy to assist you in making a decision. Even if you decide to build the command palette yourself, we are more than willing to share all our learnings and help you find the right open-source project that meets your requirements. Just drop us a line at
  • Does work for desktop app?
    Yes - if your desktop app is built using Electron or any other javascript framework, works great.
  • What is your pricing?
    To be honest, we would like to work with you on the pricing part. Currently, our focus is on building a top-notch product that helps you to truly revolutionises user experience.
  • Will there be any impact on my app/dashboard performance by adding
    No. Just like a chat widget, you can asynchronously load javascript library so that it will not have any performance impact.
  • Can I customise to match my product?
    Yes, you can easily customise to match your product's branding and design. You can change the colour scheme, font, and other visual elements to match your product's look and feel.
  • Do I need to have a dedicated developer to use
    We designed to be as non-developer-friendly as possible. With our platform, your product managers, UX designers, or anyone from your team can easily create or update commands without needing a developer's help. The only developer dependency is for the initial JavaScript code integration. However, if you use Google Tag Manager, you can easily create a new tag and integrate without any developer involvement.
  • How to try out for my product?
    Thanks for your interest in trying out Please go ahead and share your details & book demo here: (max 15 mins). In the demo, we will show you how command palette looks on your app with some sample actions.

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