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Our Story

Our Story at Beacon begins with a vision to simplify and enhance the digital experience for businesses and their users. Driven by a passion for innovation and user-centric design, our founders embarked on a mission to create a tool that streamlines user onboarding and product adoption.


With a blend of cutting-edge AI technology and a deep understanding of user engagement challenges, Beacon evolved into a no-code, comprehensive solution for businesses worldwide. Our journey reflects our dedication to empowering organizations to build stronger connections with their users and foster long-term success.

Meet The Founders


Seamless user onboarding and product adoption

Beacon is your AI-powered guide to seamless user onboarding and product adoption. Our innovative, no-code platform is designed to revolutionize how you engage with your users. With personalized campaigns, AI nudges, and comprehensive analytics, we empower your product to reach its full potential. Our commitment lies in enhancing user experience, boosting retention, and driving growth, all through an intuitive, easy-to-integrate solution. We are shaping the future of user engagement. Experience the transformation Beacon brings to your digital journey.

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