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We offer tailor-made pricing for everyone, from solopreneurs and startups to Enterprises.

Unlimited Plan

Let's Connect

Unlimited Onboarding Journeys

AI Powered User Workflows & A/B Testing

Unlimited NPS & Feedback Surveys

Unlimited Help Docs & Videos Sync

In-depth Analytics

Themes & Customization

Rules & Personalization

Events, Webhooks & Callbacks

Auto-Sync help center content

Zendesk, Slack and many third party integrations

Team Management

SOC2, GDPR, ISO Compliance

90 days log retention

Everything you need

To make your product self serve like never before


In-app copilot

Elevate in-app user journey with our intuitive copilot. Empower Your Users to Self-Serve Like Never Before.

Universal search.png

Universal search

Your users discover anything & everything instantly with our powerful universal search, making navigation & help search a breeze.

Seamless navigation.png

Seamless navigation

Users navigate your app effortlessly. No more stumbling, just smooth user journeys.

In-app help center.png

In-app help center

Support at your fingertips. Empower users with immediate & contextual assistance and deflect low-value support tickets.

In-app communication.png

In-app communication

Stay connected with your users. Foster meaningful interactions within your app.

Dynamic bar.png

Dynamic bar

Adaptive and ever-ready. A versatile tool for beautiful and dynamic user experiences.

Easy Installation.png

Easy installation

Get started in minutes. No hassle, just quick setup

Design beautiful experiences.png

Design beautiful experiences

Crafting user delight, one pixel at a time. Elevate aesthetics and user satisfaction



Reach the right audience. Precision in user engagement.



Data-driven insights for smarter decisions. Understand, adapt, and thrive.



Seamless connections for a unified experience. Effortless synergy.

Light weight & easy to use.png

Light weight &

easy to use

Efficiency meets user-friendliness. A winning combination.

Increase user activation.png

Increase user activation

Turn users into engaged enthusiasts. Maximize user participation.

Improve product adoption.png

Improve product

Elevate your user experience. Boost product engagement and loyalty.

Boost retention.png

Boost retention

Keeping users coming back for more. Elevate user loyalty with your strategies and our tools.

Increase ROI.png

Increase ROI

Invest wisely, reap the rewards. Maximize returns on your investments by unlocking untapped revenue opportunities.

shimmer 3-01.png

Ready to elevate your user experience?

Experience the potential of beacon in your product today!

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