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Universal Search - Your Gateway to Instant Answers

In the complex world of SaaS applications, finding the right information quickly is key. Beacon's Universal Search transforms how users interact with your app, offering immediate access to the information they need. Whether it's a specific function, data point, or help article, Universal Search brings it to your fingertips in seconds.

Why Universal Search?

Universal Search is a Game-Changer for Your App

Increases Efficiency

Users spend less time searching, more time doing.

Improves User Satisfaction

Quick and accurate search results lead to a more positive user experience.

Reduce Support Tickets

With self-serve information access, reliance on customer support for basic queries decreases.

Drives Feature Adoption

Helps users discover and utilize the full range of your app’s capabilities.

Customizable and Scalable

Tailor the search experience to fit your app's unique needs and scale it effortlessly as your app grows.

Streamlined App Navigation

Acts as a powerful navigator, guiding users directly to the features they need, bypassing complex menus and interfaces.

Simplicity Meets Power

How Universal Search Enhances Your App!

  • AI-Powered Search: Utilizes advanced algorithms to understand and anticipate user queries, delivering relevant results instantly. It's not just about keywords; our AI comprehends the intent behind searches.

  • Comprehensive Indexing: Seamlessly indexes all features, documentation, and data within your app for complete searchability. From FAQs to deep-dive articles, everything is within reach.

  • Intuitive Interface: Designed for ease of use, ensuring a smooth user experience without a steep learning curve. The search bar is prominent, user-friendly, and accessible from every page.

  • Real-Time Results: Delivers instant search results, dynamically updating as users type, for immediate access to information.

  • Context-Aware Suggestions: Provides smart suggestions based on the user’s current activity and past interactions, enhancing the relevance of search results.

  • Customizable Results Display: Allows you to customize how search results are displayed, aligning with your app's design and user preferences.

  • Integrated Help and Support: Directly connects users with help articles and support resources, reducing the need for external assistance.

  • Seamless Cross-Platform Functionality: Works flawlessly across different platforms and devices, ensuring a consistent search experience whether on desktop or mobile.

Mobile Customer

Ready to elevate your user experience?

Experience the potential of universal search in your product today!

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