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Simplify User Journeys with Smart Workflows

Introducing users to a new application can be challenging. Beacon's Smart Workflows are designed to guide users step-by-step, making the process of exploring and getting familiarized with your app as smooth as possible. These tailored guides ensure users quickly understand and utilize your app's key features, enhancing their overall experience.

Benefits of Smart Workflows

Transforming User Experience with Guided Journeys

Accelerates User Onboarding

Quickly familiarizes new users with your app, reducing the learning curve.

Increases Feature Discovery

Ensures users are aware of and utilize the full capabilities of your app.

Improves User Retention

Engaging and easy-to-follow workflows enhance user satisfaction and retention.

Reduces Support Queries

Comprehensive guides address common questions, decreasing the need for support intervention.

Gathers Actionable Insights

Collects data on user interactions with workflows, aiding in continuous improvement.

Enhances User Confidence

Empowers users to explore and use the app more confidently and independently.

Streamline User Onboarding and Feature Adoption

How Smart Workflows Work

  • Interactive Step-by-Step Guides: Craft engaging, interactive guides that lead users through essential app functionalities, enhancing their understanding and competence.

  • Conditional Pathways: Design workflows that adapt based on user actions or choices, providing a personalized experience for different user segments.

  • Contextual Triggers: Initiate workflows at the right moment based on user behavior, such as after sign-up, during first-time use, or when a user encounters a complex feature.

  • Progress Tracking and Analytics: Monitor user progress through the workflows and collect data to analyze engagement and effectiveness, enabling continuous optimization.

  • Visual Tooltips and Highlights: Incorporate visual elements like tooltips and highlights to draw attention to specific features or navigation paths within the app.

  • Checklist Completion: Implement checklists for users to track their progress in understanding and utilizing app features, encouraging complete adoption.

  • Customizable Workflow Templates: Offer a range of customizable templates that can be tailored to fit various onboarding scenarios or feature introductions.

  • Multimedia Integration: Enhance guides with multimedia elements such as images, videos, or GIFs to make the learning process more engaging and easier to follow.

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